Through My eyes : Spanish Racism

Alright, Welcome to the world of my mind… I debated back and forth on whether to do the blog thing again. But then I realized, I have absolutely no one to talk to about certain issues that bother me day in and day out. All I ever do is sit back and think to myself, Quiet, Listening to music and noticing the world go by. So I will Be doing this as a self therapy/boredom absorber/ and To open up discussions to make people think…. So Welcome to my mind.. Its a dark, thoughtful, random, Crazy place… Watch your step…


So Topic one that I recently.. Well not so much recently, have encountered that goes Deeper than I thought…

Racism.. I’ve dealt with it.. Who cares. It doesn’t define me by any means. And plus People who do have the gall to call me a Nigger, usually will walk away as quick as possible because they can see the consequences in my eyes. But their is a new type of racism… Not new, But I never totally understood it, and didn’t really believe the depth in which is goes…

The Spanish Racism..

So. I accept everyone, Don’t discriminate. I even had to have a deep inner thinking session about the “hood” stigma of not accepting gay people.

Recently my homie “converted” his race. Which I don’t have a problem with. I don’t care. Whatever floats your boat. So I’m around these people… their parties, and as a grown man with hormones, I see all these beautiful Spanish women… I’m definitely gonna try to run up on a few and get in where I fit in..

But all I noticed was nasty stares, Isolation, and the Constant phrase of “I don’t date black guys”… I laugh things off a lot. So I did that with those constant phrases. But Then I sat back quietly and did my lil research in my head like I always do, just being an observant quiet guy. And Its DEEP.. the spanish guys act as if their better than me, but are afraid to act upon their disgust of me and “my kind” because they know it could get bad for em. So their goes the fake handshakes, the talking disrespectful in their spanish language.. etc.. Even so at my job with these lazy females. The spanish ones have the gall to stand in front of me (not knowing I understand some spanish) and talk about me in spanish….

And when A joking conversation which is real in my mind, when suggested that they don’t date black men they will get defensive and say “I’ve dated black men before”… My face : O_o…. C’mon son.. My questions:

So you dated… as in been in a relationship or just sex?

Oh.. ok.. just sex.. But you wouldn’t take him home to your mother? Right…. They actually have books on this very topic.. But for blacks vs. whites.. The culture itself teaches them that they are diluting their blood by being with a black man….And they quietly continue to push that logic because they don’t know any better.. BUT… they will be with a white man quicker than the knicks were out the playoffs..

But then I sit back and think.. their was a time where I was infatuated by spanish women.. Wanted one, their hair, their skin, their looks.. O_o… But then wondered why.. And I realized that most aren’t even pretty.. Its the racism within my own culture that makes me unconsciously attracted to them. The whole paper bag test bullshit.. Growing up, I use to hate my skin color, Felt ugly. etc.. My brother is light skinned.. I was envious, Hurt that females would ask about and swoon over him, and treat me like garbage, and I Would directly associate this with his skin color. But Snapped out of it when I realized I am the color of my mother.. The woman.. The only woman I’ve ever loved.. But In the black culture, That is the mentality. Brown skin, dark skinned, is inferior to light skinned. Which is why you have these dumbass celebrities, like bounty killer and lil kim bleaching their skin, pushing that to the youth. The reason why lil wayne wont have children with dark skinned women(as I’ve heard).. And the reason why I’ve actually heard a girl yesterday say that she wants this loser ass dude at the end of the train cause they would have nice hair’d children… O_o…

Sometimes People have to take a look into themselves.. Unbiased.. and Realize that some of the shit.. some of the characteristics you are pushing out.. is dumb as hell.. It’s your life, your choices. But Damn is it dumb..


Until next time..Whatever pops into my mind….

“He is a king who fears nothing, he is a king who desires nothing!”


~Kingly Thoughts…


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