The Cool Ghetto Bitch????

*Disclaimer – If your sensitive, “empowered”, or are offended by the word bitch, don’t read.. I never said the word bitch before, was a strong advocate against it. But.. I say it now, Some women are Queens, And Some..  well A Lot are bitches.. And they Like being it.. So.. This is what todays Thought is…..

Alright, This has been on my mind for a while, but as you know I encounter tons of scenarios in my life on a daily basis..And My question is..

When Did It become cool to be a bitch???

Like You really idolize, model yourself after and appreciate “bitches”?

I hate stupid, ignorant conversations and situations, that’s why I move by myself, Because I’m a different breed. I just sit back and watch shit happen.. Like I recall a time when I went to cali to visit my bro, and we went to a dodgers game. We sat back and looked at each other with the same look as two girls got into a fight about getting up and going to the bathroom. The Dumbest shit!..

And On a daily basis, I go to work, and have to hear at the top of their lungs, my coworkers praise, talk about, and go on and on about : Bad girls Club, Basketball wives, Mob wives, Teen mom…

The way they praise that tom foolery, I bet if they made a show called “Dumb Ass bitches”… They would watch and eat it up… Smh…

And Even watching others, how they act in the streets, towards their friends, their family, all over.. They idolize the Bitch behavior.. And won’t change nor see anything wrong with it…

When Did we think this was ok?

And the saddest part, is its mostly in my black culture..

But I have to say its fairly new.. Cause I know someone who shall remain nameless.. Who is perfect to me. I never even hinted that type of nature in them, and they don’t even rock like that. But she is from a different era which is lonnnnng gone..

Me and my brother are gentlemen. I was raised as such even though I had other sources of how men move. I remember recently, I walked by a girl, waiting at the light, she dropped her lip gloss, I’m waving at her… To tell her that she dropped it.. And plus she was not desirable at all.. and this bitch… says “Eww nigga no!!” WTF? I’m not trying to hollar at you.. you mud duck.. I’m just being nice..

My question is why that reaction, why the nastiness in whatever you do. And the fact that you are who you are because people condone your actions as being ok?

My whole outlook in life with most people. If you fuck a person up, they will generally act right, but when you don’t have that in situations people run free and act however they feel they want without repercussions.

It’s sad that most females are getting worse, because as mothers get younger, they are out partying with their daughters, teaching them that that’s ok. Taking topless pics with their kids, Smoking with them.. Is it ever gonna end… its just gonna be a continuous circle.. And its disappointing that the “cool” bitch is acceptable…


Until Next Thought…

“A King goes as far as he may, not as far as he could.”

~Kingly Thoughts…


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